José Borghi is a successfully creative mind in the marketing field.

The marvelously cerebral trendsetter responsible for the firm Mullen Lowe, Brazil’s unrivaled and awe-inspiring broadcast promotional business venture, is Jose Borghi. One of his critical, reputed, and entrancing aired promotions, was “Mammals Parmalat.” In this promotion, a lot of very young children are presented pretending to be animated, toy animals, all the while gladly singing and dancing with gratification in harmony to outstandingly stylish and in vogue Brazilian songs.

Jose’s unbeaten actions within the broadcast promotional business started at a moment in time while Jose was busy gaining his middle school experience. His sister spoke to Jose after school, with the anticipation of compelling him to go out with her to benefit from a show at a local theater, screening a medley of broadcast promotional marketing videos. All of the miraculously resourceful promotional videos were memorable from corner to corner of Brazil for their very motivating production visuals. His sister’s aspiration was, at least, for a few of the clever and admirably novel broadcast promotional advertising videos to spellbind Jose to work out what industry path might profit from his shockingly unusual intelligence. The videos presented a top broadcast promotional advertisement, each of which presented their planners memorable fame from the Cannes Film Festival. Each planner of the broadcast promotional advertisements was handed a accolade. These nice-looking accolades were crafted to be like gold lions. When he observed those important, lion shaped accolades, Jose realized that he most wanted to develop into a planner of broadcast promotional advertisements.

Jose excelled to accomplish an Advertising degree from the PUC Campinas. In 1989, he found his first employment, at the Standart Ogilvy firm. Jose added to his professional portfolio, by toiling at such impressive organizations as Leo Burnett, and a diversity of others. Jose, with his buddy Erh Ray, crafted a gainful company and labeled the firm after their compound surnames, BorghiErh.In the end BorghiErh was secured by the firm, Lowe. The name was updated to Borghi Lowe. The firm grew, obtaining global respect. Integrating later with Lowe and the Mullen Group, to become Mullen Lowe.



Report Released by Squaw Valley About Quality of Upper Mountain Top Water

There was an issue reported on November 8 concerning the fitness of Mountain Top water. The department of environmental health around Placer County took up the issue and have been consistently treating the water. In research to obtain accurate information on the whole matter, a discovery revealed that a bizarrely heavy downpour affected the water systems in most parts of Placer County.


It happened that there were sophisticated systems installed at High Camp and Gold Coast during summer, and the weather greatly barraged them, occasioning to pollution. From the findings, the contaminated water remained within the said systems and not on any water supplied to the public. The report gives a guarantee that at no point did the public consume polluted water.


Measures Taken to Counter the Contamination Issue


They then immediately contacted the Placer County Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District for treatment and other legitimate procedures. At the same time, they endeavored in consulting with other prominent experts in the water sector.


As at now, the issue is under control, and a lot is being done behind the scenes to restore normalcy. Water supply is restricted, and the experts are to continue assessing the quality until they there is a guarantee that the water is safe for human intake. Until then, they will keep supplying their guests with bottled water at no charge.


Why Squaw Valley’s Statement is Trustworthy


For a company whose quality delivery is assured, they focus more on client satisfaction than profit generation. It is notable that the firm in question has exhibited an overriding concern since detection of the impurities. They believe in utmost safety for their clients, and that is why they do not mind closing down their systems until experts have approved the resumption.




The issue is under control of the health officials and renowned water experts. Also, note that there are no health problems that have reported as a result of the infection.

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How Positive Reviews Can Help You Attain an Impeccable Online Reputation

Brand recognition goes beyond market dominance and media penetration. It also includes the reputation that a business has among its clients, and within the business community in general. Online reputation goes a long way in determining conversion rates and search engine rankings. You need to understand that good reputation plays a significance role in increasing the success of a business. It is what drives revenue growth besides helping to establish your brand.

Getting positive Reviews

The presence of blog sites, online product review sites and social media platforms, has made it easier for businesses to either build or destroy their online reputation. In the current digital age, corporate and individual brands have the ability to influence what is said about them.

You should similarly ensure that you use reviews as your marketing frontier. Research carried out by suggests that 85 percent of new customers make their purchasing decisions after reading the online reviews of a product. Nearly 80 percent of consumers similarly consider these reviews for recommendations about a product. This highlights the importance of ensuring that online conversations about your firm are beneficial.

It is quite challenging to create positive reviews that will help increase your firm’s online presence. This is because customers who are satisfied with the products and services offered to them rarely post reviews. On the flipside, those who are dissatisfied are always quick to post disparaging reviews. In this regard, ensure that you come up with an online reputation management strategy that maximizes positive reviews while minimizing the impact of negative ones.

One of the ways that you can create a positive hype about your products, is encouraging positive reviews. Incorporate feedback forms and surveys so that clients can express their level of satisfaction as soon as they do business with you. You also need to put in place a solid follow-up mechanism, which will ensure that customers provide their feedback. Negative feedback should not be frowned upon since it can help you pinpoint your areas of weakness.