US Money Reserve Gold Coins For Simple Investment

There are quite a few simple investment options that people often forget because they are focused on using stocks and bonds. The person who transitions to gold coins will have an easy time investing, and they will have a stable investment that is easy to use.

Someone who wishes to invest in gold coins will find it simple to cash in their coins at any time, and they will receive the immense benefits of the gold market. Gold rises in price every year, and there are many people who will see high profits from a gold investment.

#1: What Do The Coins Look Like?

According to Crunchbase, coins that are made by the US Money Reserve are quite unique, and they bear beautiful inscriptions that have been made to make them more valuable. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Someone who purchases these coins for their value will keep them for many years as the design gains in value, and the collector may sell at any time they like. The collection that is created may rise in value as a collection, or it may rise in value more simply because certain coins are considered unique.

#2: How Long To Keep The Coins

The coins may be held for many years, and each new coin may add to the collection after it is purchased online. The catalog that the US Money Reserve uses allows customers to purchase coins at any time, and they will see their coins shipped to them in the post. Each new coin may be purchased for a good value, and the collector will cash in on the value of the coin when they are ready.

#3: Gold Is Stable

Gold is a stable investment that anyone may use, and it allow the customer to watch their value grow without much trouble. There are many people who choose to invest in gold coins because they are simple, and many others invest in gold coins because they are stable. Gold coins will retain their value, and the coins are easy to collect and store.

The US Money Reserve allows collectors to purchase and hold coins for as long as they like. Each new collector who finds a coin they like may purchase from the online catalog, and they will find quite a lot of value in these coins. The coins are quite easy to display because of their beauty, and the designs often make them more valuable at the time of sale.


Roberto Santiago’s Mall With Style

While many people go to the mall for many different reasons, one thing to remember about a mall like Manaira Shopping is that it is a mall for buying clothes. Therefore, people are going to find a lot of clothing stores in Manaira Shopping mall. For first time visitors, this is an adventure because they get to see what the mall has to offer people. They get to look into all of the stores that are available in order to see what the fashion retailers have to offer. One good thing is that it is easier for most people to find clothes that they like. Read more articles on

However, there are people who have unique styles. They may have to look harder to find their style. In some cases, their style might be limited to one store. Fortunately. when they find this store, they will have a lot of these items to choose from in order to upgrade their wardrobe to the point that they always have an outfit that makes them stand out. One of the greatest accomplishments that one can make when it comes to their wardrobe is when they like every piece of clothing they have. When one can’t choose which piece of clothing is their favorite, then they have achieved something amazing.

One good thing about Roberto Santiago’s establishment is that it allows people to actually explore themselves through fashion. They will be able to choose the items that actually make them look and feel prestigious. After all, the desire to feel very valuable and important is a common desire. As a matter of fact, fashion can be a great solution for people who are struggling with their sense of self worth. With the different stores for different cultural styles, people can have a bit of fun as they participate in the art of fashion. Visit Mundo Do Marketing to read more.

As people explore their own sense of fashion and style, they are going to attract the type of life they want, especially at Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. It is easy to meet new people, especially for fun activities such as dating and attending fun events for a night out.

Tammy Mazzocco is One of the Most Prominent Realtors in Ohio

Edwards Realty Company is one of the best performing firms with the most skilled brokers in the United Kingdom. Tammy Mazzocco is one of the top real estate agents in this company. She joined Edwards Realty Company as a secretary and later became a property manager in the 90s. The idea of becoming a realtor was instigated by her mentor, prompting her to get her license in 1995.

Tammy’s road to success

According to The Lure Lounge, Tammy is not driven by how much money she makes in this business. Her goal is to ensure that people find beautiful homes. Tammy earns a commission when homebuyers make bids and eventually buy a home. It took her about four years for her career to take off and for her to earn recognition in the realtor business. Tammy uses the online platform to generate new business. In the real estate business, most customers begin by looking online to see where they can get better deals. For this reason, Tammy, like most realtors, has taken advantage of this online platform. She gets her inspiration from Dr. Phil’s book “Life Strategies.”

About Tammy Mazzocco

Tammy Mazzocco has been a key player in the real estate business for close to two decades. At the start of her career, she worked in collaboration with nine real estate agents. During that time, her boss was Mike Zelnik, an experienced commercial realtor. In an article on Bitsylink, throughout her career, she also worked at Scotland Yard Condominiums as a condominium manager for more than seven years. One of the executives who have played a significant role in her life is Ken Cook, the owner of Cook Realty.

Having gained sufficient work experience, Tammy joined T&R Properties. During her tenure at T&R, she worked as a multi-site property manager. In 1998, Tammy began working with Joe Armeni at RE/MAX who inspired her to take up the real estate job as a full-time career. Since then, she has worked for other companies, such as the Judy Gang & Associates. You can visit LinkedIn to know more.

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How Jason Hope And The Internet Of Things Can Change The World

Do you remember the first time that you got on the internet and experienced it? This is becoming a rarer and rarer experience as the internet becomes more prevalent. Still, entrepreneurs like Jason Hope remember a time before the internet was everywhere.

Hope is a Harvard graduate who has funded our founded at least 15 different companies. His focus on the tech industry is rivaled by almost nobody and right now his eyes are set forward on the Internet of Things.

If you haven’t yet heard of the Internet of Things then you are still likely going to be at least somewhat familiar with the concept. The Internet of Things refers to a network being created between every day objects and the internet. Think of street lights or kitchen appliances being networked with the internet, allowing you to automate their functions to some degree. Now carry out that example one step further and consider public transportation that has been automated with smart technology. This is the Internet of Things and Jason Hope believes it is going to be the next huge industry.

Jason Hope understands that things can trend and flame out in a moment in the tech world. However, becoming the best at what you do involves a certain amount of foresight. Hope believes that the Internet of Things is going to be one of the most influential and profitable investments in the world. Succeeding in the tech world is all about getting in early. If you listen to Jason Hope then you might just need to start investing soon.

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The Amazing Life of George Soros

Although both parties possess a lot of money, there remains a difference between being “rich” and being “wealthy.” When someone becomes rich, they only have a lot of money. When someone becomes wealthy, they become rich in areas that transcend monetary value. With that being said, George Soros remains a wealthy person. Not only does he possess a lot of money, he also possesses a lot of interest in the well-being of people. Moreover, George Soros remains someone who has dedicated their entire life to the betterment of humankind. On numerous occasions, George Soros has placed aside his personal interests in order to bring world peace and restore order to failed regions of the world. Aside from surviving the horrific Holocaust, George Soros remains as vigilant as ever. Know more about George Soros on CNBC.

Moreover, George Soros remains someone that possesses skills in numerous areas. To name a few, these include philanthropy investing, literature, business. As a man with a heart so big, his position as one of the wealthiest people of all time remains suitable. Within his industry, Soros remains an authoritative figure and a success story like no other. Moreover, George Soros enjoys a wealth that less than one percent of the world’s population will ever get to experience. To begin, George Soros remains a native of Budapest, Hungary. In addition, George Soros grew up at a time when Nazi Germany took Europe by storm. By 1947, George Soros fled the dilapidated conditions of Hungary to England. While there, he earned various degrees from the London School of Economics.

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Prior to becoming an investing powerhouse, George Soros initiated his career by working at numerous banks. By 1969, George Soros created his first hedge fund company called the “Double Edge.” Moreover, his second hedge fund came to fruition in 1970. Aside from numerous name changes, the Double Edge eventually became known as the Quantum Fund. During the time of its conception, the Quantum Fund remained valued at $12 million dollars. By 2011, the company’s worth soared into the billions. Furthermore, the company remained worth $25 billion dollars. Also, Geroge Soros remains known for his sale of $10 billion dollars worth of pound sterling.

Due to the sale, he earned $1 billion dollars. Moreover, he did it during a financial crisis in the UK. Since his arrival to the United States, George Soros has remained a profound activist. To remain exact, he has donated over $11 billion dollars to numerous charitable causes. Moreover, Soros used his position to support education in his hometown. Also, Geroge Soros managed to diffuse tensions as Eastern Europe transformed from communism to capitalism. To this day, George Soros remains an inspiration for people of all ages. Moreover, Soros remains a legend. Read more about George’s life story at

Successful Entrepreneur

Norman Pattiz is a wildly successful entrepreneur within the broadcasting business. He founded the groundbreaking radio network PodCast One, which emerged after his creation and development of radio network Westwood One. Studies have proven the success and trust that PodCast One has with its radio listeners.

Edison Research conducted a study, utilizing PodCast One as a platform for showcasing advertisements for five recognizable brands and their products. The study was a way of measuring independently, how much impact advertising via podcasts actively has. It was definitively noted that podcast advertising significantly captured audience attention, trust, and a willingness to purchase advertised products and services. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

As a result of exposing audiences to 4 to 6 weeks of advertising on podcasts, there was a significant increase of product and brand awareness by listeners. Campaigns regarding automobile products and a grocery brand skyrocketed to 60% post-study, compared to much lower numbers prestudy.

Norman Pattiz, the founder and Executive Chairman of PodCast One, worked in tandem with Edison Research VP of Strategy Tom Webster, to uncover the effective reach of podcasts for marketing and advertising to consumers.

PodCast One was launched in 2013 by Norman Pattiz, and quickly became America’s largest audio-on demand programming offered to the public. PodCast One enjoys lineups featuring recognized personalities like Kathie Lee Gifford, Dr. Drew, Adam Carolla, Shaquille O’Neal, Larry King, and Steve Austin.

According to Forbes, Norman Pattiz has over 40 years of experience in the radio broadcasting world, and was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009. He is a recepient of the Giants of Broadcasting Award from the Library of American Broadcasting.

Norman has been written about on PR Newswire, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Yahoo! Finance. Mr. Pattiz had the honor of being written up in Forbes magazine, in an in-depth report for their 2016 May Global Change Makers issue. He lives in Beverly Hills, California with his wife Dr. Mary Turner Pattiz.

Online Reputation News for Entrepreneurs

Maintaining a positive persona when using social media and other websites online is useful not only when working with recruiters, but also when working with current or future employers. Knowing the impact social media and an online presence has today is essential to determine whether or not it is worth taking a second look at your current and past posts, regardless of how long ago the content may have been posted.

Avoid Damaging Brand Loyalty

Many people today believe their social media presence and online presence simultaneously do no reflect their business and its ventures. However, this is no longer the case in today’s technologically-paced world. By having potentially damning content on your social media or website, it can quickly cause backlash against you not only personally, but against the company or entity you represent.

Maintain Personal Credibility

Having a positive social media and online presence altogether, it is much easier to gain brand loyalty and a following who trusts you, your opinions, and is excited for what is to come next within your company. The more you post even mildly-offensive content, the more likely you are to become a “scapecoat” of your company or the brand you represent. Whether you are working from home as a freelancer or if you work for a Fortune 500 company, negative posting can have severe consequences including losing revenue to getting let go by the company who originally hired you.

Work Together With an Online Reputation Management Company

When you work together with an online management reputation company it is much easier to review your posts and sentiments on various platforms. If you use Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram, it is important to view all of the posts you have shared, comments you have made, and even “retweets” that are linked to your account. An online reputation management company helps to determine which posts are most appropriate for you in addition to flagging those that should be edited, marked as private or simply deleted altogether. Ridding negative posts is a way to avoid potential negative backlash or even a firing at a company you currently work for and represent.

Brian Bonar:Over For Decades Of Business Excellence

San Diego now has a new dining destination for people looking for the highest quality French food. It’s called Bellamy’s and it is the brainchild of serial entrepreneur Brian Bonar. What makes this restaurant unique is the high culinary standard of the food that’s available there. When Brian Bonar decided to open Bellamy’s he made one move that was pure genius.

He hired noted French chef Patrick Pontasy. Pontasy is one of only two chefs in San Diego with the prestigious designation Master Chef of France. And to anyone that has sampled the delectable dishes at this Escondido dining establishment it quickly becomes abundantly clear Patrick Pontasy is indeed a master of the art of French cooking.

With Bellamy’s getting rave reviews for the quality of its food, Brian Bonar has decided to make a deeper foray into the restaurant industry in San Diego. He recently acquired a 144 acre property and is in the process of transforming it into a top-flight event space with an incredible restaurant.

The property is called the Ranch at Bandy Canyon and with the help of talented chef Patrick Pontasy, Brian Bonar is creating yet another amazing place for people to enjoy some of the best food San Diego has to offer. It’s the next step in Brian Bonar’s move into the restaurant business.

Scotsman Brian Bonar has been involved in business for a very long time. After graduating from Strathclyde University in Glasgow, Scotland with his BSC in Mechanical Engineering and earning both an MBA and a PhD from England’s Staffordshire University in International Business Development, Bonar has been a very busy man.

He spent 18 years with IBM in Europe and then went on to establish or hold leadership positions in a number of businesses in a variety of industries. Those companies included The Solvis Group, Dalrada Financial Corporation, Allegiant Professional Business Services, AMS Outsourcing, Smart-tek Automated Services, Trucept, Inc. and The Amanda Co.

In addition to founder, the positions Brian Bonar has held with those companies include Chief Executive Officer, President, Chairman of the Board, Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer and Secretary. Through his exceptional talent, many years of experience in business and unmatched leadership skills, Bonar has been able to lead these companies and many others to unprecedented success.

He’s also developed a wide range of business partners and connections in Eastern and Western Europe, Japan, Korea, Mexico and throughout the United States.

In 2016 Brian Bonar was recognized for his decades of incredible work and leadership and management skills when the Who’s Who at Cambridge voted him their Executive of the Year. He was chosen because of his executive experience, industry achievements, capabilities, professional qualifications, academic backgrounds and ability.

Dick DeVos Charitable Giving

Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy DeVos attract a lot of attention and criticism in their country because of their political donations over the years. However, this is considered to be pocket change compared to the charitable contributions from the family. The DeVos have given over 140 million in their lifetimes to several charitable causes.


Betsey DeVos has been nominated for the position of US Education Secretary. However, before her confirmation, her contributions to several Republican candidates and education causes has been questioned in several platforms. The couple is lifting the veil on the money spent in philanthropic giving that has been channeled through their organization.


In the year 2015, the famous West Michigan couple is believed to have given more than 11 million dollars in various charitable donations. This is according to a recently published report by the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation site. This contribution was double the five million that had been donated by the couple in the last five years.


The West Michigan couple is part of one of the most respected family dynasties in the country. This wealthy family has done a lot for the Republicans for many years, giving huge donations during campaigns. The family is led by Dick’s dad, Rich DeVos. The Amway co-founder and elder of the DeVos family have four children, and he is believed to have given one hundred million in donations in the year 2015. This contribution made the family to be recognized by Forbes as among the top givers in America.


Forbes Magazine used the data that had been supplied by the family in the past when making the list. The magazine put the family’s lifetime donations at 1.3 billion dollars. This amount is just a quarter of the family’s estimated fortune. Betsey is the daughter of a wealthy family that is famed for its political and charitable giving.


For the west Michigan couple, Dick and Betsy, education has been given the priority. In the year 2015, the couple documented that they gave three million dollars to educational causes, and this accounted for twenty-six percent of the donations given in the year. The couple also gave three percent to different groups that support educational reforms in the country.


Dick DeVos has done very well in his career. The businessman has spent his lifetime working in different positions in the family businesses. Some of these include Orlando Magic, The Windquest Group, and Amway. At the moment, the businessman is the president of The Windquest Group. While working in the family businesses, Dick managed to grow the companies. In Amway, he managed to increase the domestic and international sales of the enterprise, and this earned him the respect of many in the country.



Arthur Becker Explains the Best Areas in New York that are worth Investing

When it comes to New York, most people think that all locations are the same and will give them a good return on investment. But, as Arthur Becker explains on Bloomberg, you need to be careful when investing in real estate. You need to do your research and find out the locations that are worth investing. Arthur Becker is a technology junkie and have spent most of his career in the technology industry, but moved on to real estate industry when he saw the potential this industry has. He felt that the real estate investment industry was still untapped and one could easily earn a good ROI by investing smartly.

One of the biggest projects that Arthur has taken up is to invest in townhouses located on Sullivan Street, reports In exchange for a significant amount of shares that he held, he purchased the townhouses and would convert them into rentals. He had performed research and found out that such rentals are in high demand in New York and would perform well. The townhouses are located in a prestigious area of New York, and Arthur has plans of converting the townhouses along with adjacent space to build a complex.

Arthur urged people to invest in properties that people would want to live in. For example, the Sullivan Street is a lively neighborhood and the real estate properties in the area are fast growing in demand. He is planning to convert the townhouses into great homes so that people would want to buy those properties. His plan is to transform the landscape of the street in the coming years and make it one of the op areas for people to invest in.

Those looking to invest in real estate properties need to learn about it from one of the pioneer in the field, Arthur Becker. He has held the position of MD of Atlantic Investors for more than 15 years and has helped carry the vision of the company forward and reaching new goals. He earned his Bachelor Degree in Business from the Bennington College and also have a business degree from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.

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