Lime Crime Offers Discounts For Students

Doe Deere was born in Russia and moved to the united states around just the age of 17. When she came to the united states she was interested in being in the music industry as a musician and that is exactly what she did. Doe learned a lot of things about business from being a musician such as to really appreciate her fans which later on helped her to really appreciate her customers that bought Lime Crime. Lime Crime is a vegan and cruelty-free makeup company that Doe Deere created out of her own need for bright colored makeup as at that time no makeup company had bright and bold makeup hues. Although Doe Deere was a musician when she came to New York at the age of 17 she has always been a little bit of an entrepreneur. Her first business venture started when she was only 13 years old. At 13 she sold temporary tattoo’s which were not quite as easy to come by back then.


Doe Deere’s company Lime Crime has a mission to change the cosmetic industry by providing people with a completely different way to buy makeup and a completely different type of makeup than the norm. The way Lime Crime has changed the cosmetic industry by the way they buy makeup is because Lime Crime products can only be bought on the Lime Crime website. Not only does this eliminate the possibility of getting fake Lime Crime products elsewhere but it also provides customers with an easy way to buy their products from home. Learn more:


Lime Crime sells eyeshadow palettes, hair dye, makeup brushes, matte lipsticks, metallic lipsticks, and many more products. They provide a discount of 20% off their products (even sale items) to students everywhere. They also offer discounts such as 5 off or 10 off for referring a friend to their website and 10% off their products when you sign up for their email service to receive important emails about their new products and sales they have going on. Some people buy Lime Crime because it comes in bright and bold colors that they can express themselves with, but other people appreciate the fact that their products are vegan and cruelty free because that’s the only kind of makeup they will use. Not only is it hard to find a cruelty free and vegan makeup company but it’s even harder to find one that sells everything from hair dye to eyeshadow in bright colors. Learn more:


Julie Zuckerberg Hires High Qualified Employees in the Job Market

Recruitment is a fundamental element when it comes to placement in the job industry. For job seekers, a recruiter can help with honing the skills of an individual by ensuring they have the ability to answer some of the most challenging questions passed on by the interviewing panel. Most job seekers who have utilized the services of a recruiting agency can testify to being in a position of landing even better jobs compared to job seekers who walk straight into the interviewing room without basic knowledge and skills from the recruiter. A recruiter will impart skills that the hiring manager has the desire to hire. In a different scenario, an executive recruiter is an individual who hires high ranking persons in the job market. This type of recruiter prepares managers, chief executive officers as well as chief operating officers for the questions as well as the tasks an organization will need an individual to perform in specific departments. These are the roles of Julie Zuckerberg, an executive recruiter hailing from New York City.




Julie’s career in executive recruitment can be what people would term as Rome was not built in one day. With the young vastly graduating from colleges to join the job industry with the hope of excelling in advancing their career, Julie has been in support of this movement for over twenty years. The lead recruiter of the Deutsche Bank tops the list of some of the best executive recruiters the world has ever known. She combines talent and academic achievement to select the best career executives in different fields across the industry. Julie has strong academic credentials from the New York City University of Brooklyn College. She majored in philosophy. Since her graduation, she has been an executive recruiter in the primary fields like banking where she recruits managers, chief executive officers as well as operating officers. With her degree in philosophy, Julie has a great understanding of ethics and how essential it is to hire the right people when it comes to delivering results at work.




Julie’s career began in 2002 where she recruited for Hudson’s clients. At Hudson staffing, she worked for five years. She was in charge of hiring and replacing paralegals, attorneys and supporting staffing as well as case supporters for different law firms. These positions were temporary as well as short term, but Julie ensured that she recruited the right person for the job. Her services extend to financial institutions and corporate firms where she did the placement as well. Her roles were not only tied to recruitment, but she also helped in resolving work-related issues by settling conflicts. She was the primary link between employees and clients. Julie took care of the interests of the clients as well as ensuring that the hired employees received care. She moved to a financial institution called Citi Global Functions in October 2007. In that institution, Julie was the vice president and lead recruiter. Her roles included hiring more employees on behalf of the company in addition to educating the hired employees on the fundamental requirements of being part of the client’s company.