Roberto Santiago, the Man of Many Talents

Roberto Santiago is an entrepreneur, who rose from scratch to be among the most successful businessmen in Brazil. At the age of 58 years, Roberto is the envy of many people as his investment in the mall industry is highly profitable. Roberto began as a script writer, who had no dream for going into business. He started by writing children books, which did well. However, while there he further developed an interest in producing films as well as directing them. Another of Roberto’s interest was bawling and motocross. Moreover, he also wrote blog posts, targeting the young and old people. Most of his topics were the challenges that one faces as they progress in life. He also advised people on how to overcome the hurdles. As such, many people classified him as a motivational writer. Roberto says that he based most of his writing on the materials he read as well as his personal experiences. The blogs made him popular as most people found them beneficial to their personal development and growth.

After his successful blog post career, Roberto Santiago gained some skills in investment. He decided to sharpen these skills by joining Marist College. He later joined the Joao Pesao University Center, graduating with a Bachelor of Business Administration. Roberto believed that he did not just gain the skills for nothing but to pursue a business career. While in college, he was ambitious; he always looked for ways to advance himself businesswise. However, he lacked lofty amounts of money to do business. Therefore, he decided to start where he was with what he had at hand. Roberto started a small café called Cafe Santa Rosa and safely kept the savings away. These savings later helped Roberto to start a cartonnage company that became the foundation of his success in life. The cartonnage firm dealt with manufacturing cardboard and decorative and utilitarian items. As usual, Roberto Santiago had mastered the art of saving some money for later advancement. The savings from this venture helped him buy a huge piece of land on which he built the Manaira Shopping Mall that has brought him so much fame and success. His dream was to build a shop that would provide all the goods and services under one roof.

The Maniara shopping mall is rated as the largest and most modern mall in Brazil. It attracts local people and tourists from other nations. The main goal of the mall is to offer its customers fun, leisure, and comfort. The mall owner wanted people to lay down their worries any time they visited the mall. The state of the art cinema in the mall is fitted with the newest technology. The mall also holds a stadium and 3D rooms, which thrill the visitors. There are also fancy food parlors in the mall.


Roberto Santiago’s Mall With Style

While many people go to the mall for many different reasons, one thing to remember about a mall like Manaira Shopping is that it is a mall for buying clothes. Therefore, people are going to find a lot of clothing stores in Manaira Shopping mall. For first time visitors, this is an adventure because they get to see what the mall has to offer people. They get to look into all of the stores that are available in order to see what the fashion retailers have to offer. One good thing is that it is easier for most people to find clothes that they like. Read more articles on

However, there are people who have unique styles. They may have to look harder to find their style. In some cases, their style might be limited to one store. Fortunately. when they find this store, they will have a lot of these items to choose from in order to upgrade their wardrobe to the point that they always have an outfit that makes them stand out. One of the greatest accomplishments that one can make when it comes to their wardrobe is when they like every piece of clothing they have. When one can’t choose which piece of clothing is their favorite, then they have achieved something amazing.

One good thing about Roberto Santiago’s establishment is that it allows people to actually explore themselves through fashion. They will be able to choose the items that actually make them look and feel prestigious. After all, the desire to feel very valuable and important is a common desire. As a matter of fact, fashion can be a great solution for people who are struggling with their sense of self worth. With the different stores for different cultural styles, people can have a bit of fun as they participate in the art of fashion. Visit Mundo Do Marketing to read more.

As people explore their own sense of fashion and style, they are going to attract the type of life they want, especially at Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. It is easy to meet new people, especially for fun activities such as dating and attending fun events for a night out.