How passion and determination pushed Rodrigo Terpins to the racing field

Educational qualification

Rodrigo Terpins is a graduate with a degree in management. Terpins has another degree in corporate governance and with these two; he is one of the most respected managers in the country. With his academic qualifications, Terpins does not consider himself a manager. Since he was a child, his passion has always been to rally someday in his life. The fact that he is a corporate manager does not bar him from following his childhood dreams since he would not have lived his life the way in which he desired it.

The passion for racing

When he was starting his racing career, Rodrigo did not imagine himself winning any of the races. He participated in several races so that he could sharpen his road skills. With time, Rodrigo developed a deeper interest in racing for the titles. It was at this point that he realized racing is not an easy thing. The people who won the races kept working for their titles as Terpins did not get a chance to win any.

The unrelenting spirit

Rodrigo Terpins considered racing as a full-time activity. He did not leave anything to chance as he felt he had a chance to prove the country wrong even as he planned to represent Brazil in the national competitions. The competitions were not so easy at first, but he came up with a strategy. Since his brother, Michael Terpins was in the industry too; it became easy for them to cooperate so that they could help each other with their racings. Check out to know more

The birth of Bull Sertoes Rally Team

Bull Sertoes Rally Team was started in 2002 when the two brothers decided to work as a team. At first, the success rate was a bit slow, but things changed with time. The Bull Sertoes Rally Team attracted several competitions as it put up a good fight. The duo did not stop at the races. The brothers recruited more serious competitors to their team, and this helped them to grow. Of the most favorite racers was Fabricio Bianchini. The team moved fast and won several races during their moments of working together. For more info visit

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