Online Reputation News for Entrepreneurs

Maintaining a positive persona when using social media and other websites online is useful not only when working with recruiters, but also when working with current or future employers. Knowing the impact social media and an online presence has today is essential to determine whether or not it is worth taking a second look at your current and past posts, regardless of how long ago the content may have been posted.

Avoid Damaging Brand Loyalty

Many people today believe their social media presence and online presence simultaneously do no reflect their business and its ventures. However, this is no longer the case in today’s technologically-paced world. By having potentially damning content on your social media or website, it can quickly cause backlash against you not only personally, but against the company or entity you represent.

Maintain Personal Credibility

Having a positive social media and online presence altogether, it is much easier to gain brand loyalty and a following who trusts you, your opinions, and is excited for what is to come next within your company. The more you post even mildly-offensive content, the more likely you are to become a “scapecoat” of your company or the brand you represent. Whether you are working from home as a freelancer or if you work for a Fortune 500 company, negative posting can have severe consequences including losing revenue to getting let go by the company who originally hired you.

Work Together With an Online Reputation Management Company

When you work together with an online management reputation company it is much easier to review your posts and sentiments on various platforms. If you use Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram, it is important to view all of the posts you have shared, comments you have made, and even “retweets” that are linked to your account. An online reputation management company helps to determine which posts are most appropriate for you in addition to flagging those that should be edited, marked as private or simply deleted altogether. Ridding negative posts is a way to avoid potential negative backlash or even a firing at a company you currently work for and represent.