Securus Technologies Creates Wireless Technology To Help

The correction facilities around the country were coming up against crimes being committed by inmates using the networks to contact outsiders. They needed assistance in stopping this problem. When Securus Technologies found out about this, they were able to engineer the Wireless Containment Solution. Since this technology helps to curtail the criminal activity, the company is very proud that they were able to assist in this manner. The wireless networks are monitored, and they are able to tell which person is trying to complete illegal activities so they can be stopped right away. Other companies in the field that tried were not able to compete with this particular technology.


The company has invited people to come to their Dallas, TX unit to see the technologies that they are working on. They will receive a tour and presentation of the plant, and have the opportunity to speak with staff members. This is an exceptional opportunity for the public to take part in. People will see why they are considered the leader in the public safety field, and they will enjoy an interesting and educational experience. The invitation is welcome to the entire public, whether or not the person is involved in the public safety field or not.


Securus Technologies is leading the industry when it comes the public safety field. They work with both the criminal and civil elements of the justice field, and they produce high quality products and services. When they are contacted by the government to do work for them, one knows that they are a great company to work with. They are creating technologies to benefit the industry on a weekly basis. With their efforts and expertise, they intend to make the world a greater place to live and work in. This company deals with 1,200,000 prisoners on a regular basis. They used techniques like videotaping, investigating and monitoring to create a safe environment for inmates and visitors. Companies around the country are contacting to do work for them, and the world is noticing. In the future, this company will continue to do great things, and the public will notice.