The Amazing Life of George Soros

Although both parties possess a lot of money, there remains a difference between being “rich” and being “wealthy.” When someone becomes rich, they only have a lot of money. When someone becomes wealthy, they become rich in areas that transcend monetary value. With that being said, George Soros remains a wealthy person. Not only does he possess a lot of money, he also possesses a lot of interest in the well-being of people. Moreover, George Soros remains someone who has dedicated their entire life to the betterment of humankind. On numerous occasions, George Soros has placed aside his personal interests in order to bring world peace and restore order to failed regions of the world. Aside from surviving the horrific Holocaust, George Soros remains as vigilant as ever. Know more about George Soros on CNBC.

Moreover, George Soros remains someone that possesses skills in numerous areas. To name a few, these include philanthropy investing, literature, business. As a man with a heart so big, his position as one of the wealthiest people of all time remains suitable. Within his industry, Soros remains an authoritative figure and a success story like no other. Moreover, George Soros enjoys a wealth that less than one percent of the world’s population will ever get to experience. To begin, George Soros remains a native of Budapest, Hungary. In addition, George Soros grew up at a time when Nazi Germany took Europe by storm. By 1947, George Soros fled the dilapidated conditions of Hungary to England. While there, he earned various degrees from the London School of Economics.

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Prior to becoming an investing powerhouse, George Soros initiated his career by working at numerous banks. By 1969, George Soros created his first hedge fund company called the “Double Edge.” Moreover, his second hedge fund came to fruition in 1970. Aside from numerous name changes, the Double Edge eventually became known as the Quantum Fund. During the time of its conception, the Quantum Fund remained valued at $12 million dollars. By 2011, the company’s worth soared into the billions. Furthermore, the company remained worth $25 billion dollars. Also, Geroge Soros remains known for his sale of $10 billion dollars worth of pound sterling.

Due to the sale, he earned $1 billion dollars. Moreover, he did it during a financial crisis in the UK. Since his arrival to the United States, George Soros has remained a profound activist. To remain exact, he has donated over $11 billion dollars to numerous charitable causes. Moreover, Soros used his position to support education in his hometown. Also, Geroge Soros managed to diffuse tensions as Eastern Europe transformed from communism to capitalism. To this day, George Soros remains an inspiration for people of all ages. Moreover, Soros remains a legend. Read more about George’s life story at

Why You Need A Realistic Investment Plan According To Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen has made a long career out of investing and managing client funds in various investment banks. He’s originally from Brazil where he got his education and started his career as a portfolio manager and advisor at several of the nation’s major banks. After many years as a major banker and advisor to the Brazilian government’s Economic Minister, Cornelsen retired and took up investing and stock trading as a private business. He’s appeared on several media outlets including CNBC and CNN and also does some consulting for Bainbridge Investments. Cornelsen’s primary goal is keeping investors informed and giving newcomers tips on building realistic investment plans.

Igor Cornelsen says having a realistic plan is essential because investing can have tricky obstacles if you aren’t familiar with various funds on One tip he encourages investors with is looking at the stock market as a long term savings vehicle instead of trying to make a fortune overnight. He also tells investors to pay attention to companies they invest in to make sure their management and retention rate solid. Igor Cornelsen also encourages investors to look into low value or damaged stocks because these stocks have the potential to take off over a period of time and mature into high earnings.

Igor Cornelsen spends most of his time in Florida but still encourages his followers to invest in his native country of Brazil. He’s usually sharing news and tips about the nation’s market on his Twitter and Tumblr pages and you can also see what he’s doing on Facebook. Some information he’s shared on investing in Brazil includes making contact with locals down there because they are generally sociable and will be willing to tell you what banks you should invest with and other tips and tricks at He also warns investors to be ready to run into regulatory obstacles due to the financial crises that Brazil has had to deal with recently. Cornelsen also says non-native Brazilian investors may need to look into foreign exchange banks as not all Brazilian banks deal in foreign currency, but the nation’s diverse economy and manufacturing market make investing in it rewarding once you’ve gotten past the obstacles.