Boraie Development LLC: Redefining Property Development in Real Estate

Boraie Development LLC properties

Boraie Development Company is a real estate development enterprise that deals in the development of properties in urban areas. Boraie Company is located in New Jersey. Over the years, Boraie LLC developed properties in towns and cities like Atlanta and New York City. The success and accomplishment of this company are as a result of Omar Boraie vision of developing properties in New Brunswick. He wanted to develop properties in the town and transform New Brunswick into an urban city with a vibrant economy.

In 1990, Boraie LLC finished developing the first property. This property was on tower plaza on Albany Street in downtown New York. It housed office buildings and was over 250,000 square feet. Upon completion, many enterprises leased the office space in the building. The building was a huge accomplishment for Omar Boraie who had envisioned a vibrant economy in New York.

Later on, Boraie LLC went forth to build residential properties due to insufficient residential properties. Omar Boraie wanted to develop high quality new residential properties thus leading to the development of the Spring Street Condominium Building, a 25 story building completed in 2007. It has office space, garage parking, and 121 units for leasing. Check out Bloomberg to know more.

The vibrant economy and the emergence of many business enterprises in New Brunswick resulted in the demand for luxurious houses. The market provided an opportunity for Omar Boraie who oversaw the construction of the Aspire building. The building is a high-end property consisting of luxurious condos and apartments. These condos cater for young residents who seek convenience and style. The building consisted of restaurants, clubs, and cinema halls beside the apartments.

Omar Boraie

Omar Boraie is the current president and founder of the Boraie LLC. He is an immigrant from Egypt who came to the United States of America to further his studies. Upon finishing his studies, he ventured into real estate. His rise to prominence was as a result of commitment and discipline.

Before his success, the real estate sector in Albany was docile. He purchased land and went forth to develop the tower plaza. The plaza opened in 1988 and by 1990; the Tower Plaza On started the business. Currently, he has developed many high-end properties in the main cities like Newark, Atlanta, and New York. He runs the business with his son who is the vice president of the company.


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Arthur Becker Explains the Best Areas in New York that are worth Investing

When it comes to New York, most people think that all locations are the same and will give them a good return on investment. But, as Arthur Becker explains on Bloomberg, you need to be careful when investing in real estate. You need to do your research and find out the locations that are worth investing. Arthur Becker is a technology junkie and have spent most of his career in the technology industry, but moved on to real estate industry when he saw the potential this industry has. He felt that the real estate investment industry was still untapped and one could easily earn a good ROI by investing smartly.

One of the biggest projects that Arthur has taken up is to invest in townhouses located on Sullivan Street, reports In exchange for a significant amount of shares that he held, he purchased the townhouses and would convert them into rentals. He had performed research and found out that such rentals are in high demand in New York and would perform well. The townhouses are located in a prestigious area of New York, and Arthur has plans of converting the townhouses along with adjacent space to build a complex.

Arthur urged people to invest in properties that people would want to live in. For example, the Sullivan Street is a lively neighborhood and the real estate properties in the area are fast growing in demand. He is planning to convert the townhouses into great homes so that people would want to buy those properties. His plan is to transform the landscape of the street in the coming years and make it one of the op areas for people to invest in.

Those looking to invest in real estate properties need to learn about it from one of the pioneer in the field, Arthur Becker. He has held the position of MD of Atlantic Investors for more than 15 years and has helped carry the vision of the company forward and reaching new goals. He earned his Bachelor Degree in Business from the Bennington College and also have a business degree from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.

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