Report Released by Squaw Valley About Quality of Upper Mountain Top Water

There was an issue reported on November 8 concerning the fitness of Mountain Top water. The department of environmental health around Placer County took up the issue and have been consistently treating the water. In research to obtain accurate information on the whole matter, a discovery revealed that a bizarrely heavy downpour affected the water systems in most parts of Placer County.


It happened that there were sophisticated systems installed at High Camp and Gold Coast during summer, and the weather greatly barraged them, occasioning to pollution. From the findings, the contaminated water remained within the said systems and not on any water supplied to the public. The report gives a guarantee that at no point did the public consume polluted water.


Measures Taken to Counter the Contamination Issue


They then immediately contacted the Placer County Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District for treatment and other legitimate procedures. At the same time, they endeavored in consulting with other prominent experts in the water sector.


As at now, the issue is under control, and a lot is being done behind the scenes to restore normalcy. Water supply is restricted, and the experts are to continue assessing the quality until they there is a guarantee that the water is safe for human intake. Until then, they will keep supplying their guests with bottled water at no charge.


Why Squaw Valley’s Statement is Trustworthy


For a company whose quality delivery is assured, they focus more on client satisfaction than profit generation. It is notable that the firm in question has exhibited an overriding concern since detection of the impurities. They believe in utmost safety for their clients, and that is why they do not mind closing down their systems until experts have approved the resumption.




The issue is under control of the health officials and renowned water experts. Also, note that there are no health problems that have reported as a result of the infection.

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