A Strange Bloom in Orange County

It’s not often that you hear someone wanting to go and specifically seek out something that gives off a smell that’s been compared to the smell of a rotting body. That’s what happens late spring at Orange College every few years. In late June their Amorphophallus titanum plant, nicknamed Little Dougie, bloomed sending the pungent aroma into the air of this so called corpse flower while visitors flocked to catch a glimpse of the bloom in action.

Originally from Sumatra, these unique plants can weigh up to 200 pounds and can take ten years to first bloom and only bloom every three to five years thereafter. The bloom of the surprisingly beautiful flower last only 24 to 48 hours, making the chance to see and smell the plant in action is rather short.

Located in Orange County California, and situated just minutes from the beach Orange Coast College has been serving students since 1948. It offers a range of two-year associate degrees in a variety of programs such as computing, business, performing arts and counseling and many career programs additionally.

The college enrolls over 24,000 students per year. OCC also boasts the highest rate of transfers to the University of California and California State University for continuing education from any other school in Orange County. Many other students also transfer to private universities across California and the US.

In addition to the programs, the students at Orange Coast College can also take part in many different types of student clubs and athletic programs. They can enjoy academically focused clubs such as Business or film, special interest clubs such as Circle K, Amnesty or culturally focused clubs like Muslim Student Association and the Inter-Cultural Club.

For those students who are more, sports focused OCC offers a full spectrum of sports to participate in, like basketball, soccer, golf, swimming, and volleyball to name just a few. Student athletes can pursue both their academic and athletic goals while learning the skills, knowledge, and mindset that will help them achieve success well beyond their school years.

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