James Larkin Made A Difference Throughout History

History is extremely interesting no matter what part of the world it came from or has to do with. There are many historic names that have yet to be mentioned. Today we will talk about the man who founded the Irish Transport and General Workers Union.

James Larkin was born in January on the 21st of the month in 1876. His birth took place in Liverpool, England. The General Workers Union was the region’s biggest union but it unfortunately fell apart after the Dublin Lockout.

When this happened James Larkin went to the United states around 1914 knowing that he would most likely get deported. He continued his organizing of labor all the way into the 1940s until he died in 1947 on January 30th in Ireland.

James Larkin essentially came from nothing but a very poor family, in his youth he worked various jobs to try and help his family out with their income. He was a determined socialist who believed workers were not treated fairly what so ever.

James ended up joining the NUDL which is known as the National Union of Dock Labourer’s. Than in 1905 he became a trade union organizer full time. He founded the Irish Transport and General Workers Union in 1907 after being transferred to Dublin because his militant strike methods worried the NUDL. Learn more about Jim Larkin: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Larkin

The purpose the general workers union was for Irish workers of industrial jobs to be put into one organization despite if they were skilled or unskilled workers. When world war 1 started James staged large anti- war demonstrations in Ireland in Dublin.

When he traveled to the united states despite possibly being deported it was to raise money so that he could fight the British. He was put in jail for three years in the united states before being deported back to Ireland.

Aside from all the other things that James Larkin did he eventually ended up getting married and had four sons with his wife.

He was truly a brave man who stood up for what he believed in despite what others thought and tried his best to make a difference in the world by creating the general workers union to make skilled and unskilled Irish industrial workers even with one another.

He lived for a pretty long life compared to the majority of other people during his time did and was able to make an unbelievable difference to our history today.

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