Dr. Scott’s Career Proves That Scientists Can Also Make Great Entrepreneurs

In a recent interview with ideamensch, Dr. Scott Rocklage advice to entrepreneurs is that they should be afraid of measured risk-taking. He notes that an individual achieves their best when they take control of their future through entrepreneurship and not when they chose to work for established Fortune 500 companies.

Dr. Scott Rocklage is one of the few scientists who have managed to build successful business ventures in the world. He is a renowned entrepreneur who works with scientists, physicians, and business executives to assist them in shaping their ideas into successful ventures to treat the unmet medical needs.

Scott Rocklage has more than three decades of experience in the sector of healthcare management. The strategic leadership responsibilities of Dr. Scott Rocklage led to FDA approval of three United States New Drug Applications. He has worked with some reputable healthcare organizations that include Nycomed Saluter, Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Catalytica, Novira, and Relypsa.

Leadership positions held by Dr. Scott Rocklage

Dr. Scott has served as the CEO and chairman of Cubist Pharmaceuticals. He also served as the CEO and the president of Nycomed Salutar. Besides, Dr. Scott served as the head of research and development in Salutar and Catalytica. He served as the chairman of the board at Relypsa, Novira, and Rocklage. Dr. Scott currently serves as a board chairman of Kinestral, Rennovia, and Cidara. He is also serving as a board member of Epirus and Pulmatrix. Read more: Scott Racklage | Crunchbase

Dr. Scott Rocklage education background

Dr. Scott was lucky to study in two of the most prestigious universities in American. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of California (UC), Berkeley where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. Dr. Scott later enrolled at Massachusetts Institute of Technology for his Ph.D. in chemistry.

Dr. Scott is one of the lucky scientists to have conducted his research work in Richard R. Schrock’s laboratory. Richard is a renowned scientist who won the coveted Nobel Prize in the year 2005 for his accomplishments in chemistry.

Dr. Scott’s career achievements

Dr. Scott has published a lot of research papers. Currently, Dr. Scotts is the managing partner of 5AM Ventures in Boston. His outstanding leadership and entrepreneurial success have made Dr. Scott one of the most influential personalities in the healthcare management sector in the United States.

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