Dick DeVos Charitable Giving

Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy DeVos attract a lot of attention and criticism in their country because of their political donations over the years. However, this is considered to be pocket change compared to the charitable contributions from the family. The DeVos have given over 140 million in their lifetimes to several charitable causes.


Betsey DeVos has been nominated for the position of US Education Secretary. However, before her confirmation, her contributions to several Republican candidates and education causes has been questioned in several platforms. The couple is lifting the veil on the money spent in philanthropic giving that has been channeled through their organization.


In the year 2015, the famous West Michigan couple is believed to have given more than 11 million dollars in various charitable donations. This is according to a recently published report by the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation site. This contribution was double the five million that had been donated by the couple in the last five years.


The West Michigan couple is part of one of the most respected family dynasties in the country. This wealthy family has done a lot for the Republicans for many years, giving huge donations during campaigns. The family is led by Dick’s dad, Rich DeVos. The Amway co-founder and elder of the DeVos family have four children, and he is believed to have given one hundred million in donations in the year 2015. This contribution made the family to be recognized by Forbes as among the top givers in America.


Forbes Magazine used the data that had been supplied by the family in the past when making the list. The magazine put the family’s lifetime donations at 1.3 billion dollars. This amount is just a quarter of the family’s estimated fortune. Betsey is the daughter of a wealthy family that is famed for its political and charitable giving.


For the west Michigan couple, Dick and Betsy, education has been given the priority. In the year 2015, the couple documented that they gave three million dollars to educational causes, and this accounted for twenty-six percent of the donations given in the year. The couple also gave three percent to different groups that support educational reforms in the country.


Dick DeVos has done very well in his career. The businessman has spent his lifetime working in different positions in the family businesses. Some of these include Orlando Magic, The Windquest Group, and Amway. At the moment, the businessman is the president of The Windquest Group. While working in the family businesses, Dick managed to grow the companies. In Amway, he managed to increase the domestic and international sales of the enterprise, and this earned him the respect of many in the country.